The Director

Katharine Ettenhofer

Katharine was born into a family with a history and passion of buying, selling, building and investing in property and development. She began her career as a rookie agent at CBRE Commercial CBD, before departing from commercial real estate. Moving into a suburban residential office, Katharine quickly progressed to a Portfolio managerial position, managing 280 properties unassisted.

After reaching a development road block Katharine decided to part ways with the suburban real estate business she was associated with to pursue a career in residential management within the Sydney CBD. It was here that she honed the skill of critical thinking and correcting problems whilst working through challenging rent rolls, bringing on new business in all forms and in large numbers. It was in this capacity that Katharine first took charge of the integration and transition of a newly purchased rent roll, gaining a unique and diverse knowledge of mergers and acquisitions.

In 2006, Katharine opened her own real estate consultancy business, KE Training and Consulting, which has provided services to many real estate offices, covering:

• Strategic growth strategies
• Goal achievement
• Benchmarking your business
• Overall operations, including implementation of systems and procedures

Whilst within this business, Katharine assisted with setting the structure for a National property management company. In 2017, Katharine rebranded her business to RE Performance.

Katharine has worked within the Sydney CBD, Upper North Shore and the Inner West. In addition to travelling throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia to conduct training courses and consult to businesses and clients alike, Katharine also held a senior leadership role with LJ Hooker Corporate. Katharine has also been a keynote speaker, advising leading franchise organisations and commercial business entities.

When not working, Katharine enjoys spending time at her local beaches with her three children and her family. Katharine also has a passion for the countryside, and riding horses whenever she can.


  • Qualified Trainer and Consultant
  • Licensed Real Estate Agent
  • Workplace Certificate IV in Work Place Training
  • Qualified Trainer and Consultant to Rockend Technology


  • Worked and consulted to Rockend Technology
  • Trained and implemented REST Professional to over 400 property management teams within Australia and New Zealand
  • Managed large teams for Investment Management firms
  • Coached franchisees and their teams on portfolio growth strategies
  • Audited numerous rent rolls, produced and monitored improvement and integration plans
  • Worked with some of Sydney’s most influential real estate offices to streamline their everyday processes and procedures
  • Hosted a series of Webinars featuring leading franchise organisations and independent businesses
  • Successfully assisted with large scale mergers and acquisitions into existing real estate businesses

Skill Set

  • Diverse understanding of all facets of mergers and acquisitions, assisting with the due diligence process through to settlement and streamlining the merge to avoid mass losses
  • Strong focus on business operations, developing staff culture and morale
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the development and integration of systems and procedures that align to or exceed industry best practices for property management
  • Detailed experience in support and troubleshooting for businesses in crisis, and retention of portfolios where the risk of loss arises.